Gap Closer Games

Gap Closer Games was formed with a singular vision:

To create fun and exciting games that would "close the gap" between tabletop enthusiasts and novices alike. We created our games with families in mind - games that could bring together a 10 year old daughter, an older brother in college, and parents, all looking for ways to have fun as a family.

Our Team

Rob Chew

Creative Engineer

Rob is the founder of Gap Closer Games as well as its creative mastermind.

Jon Kang

Game Developer

Jon is a game designer with a passion for making things "ever better".

Audrey Jung

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Audrey is the amazingly talented artist and graphic designer responsible for all of Gap Closer Games's visuals.

Gary Alaka

Operations Manager

Gary is the resident "number cruncher," logistics supervisor, and overall head of operations.

Jeff Yong

Legal Counsel

Jeff is Gap Closer Games's lawyer, legal guru and all-around "consiglieri."